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Differential Reflectometry Mapping (DRM) is Heuristech proprietary technology, patented and developed during three years of research at Texas A&M University. DRM technology was specifically developed for electrical utilities to tackle corrosion issues on their networks.

schematic of pipeline verification

It has been designed and improved to be efficient:

  • in urban environments,

  • in concrete,

  • under waterways,

  • and sensitive enough to detect delamination defects.

Electromagnetic waves are sent into the pipe and the location of the defect is worked out with the time delay of the signal reflexion (same principle as a radar). Reflectometry is the fruit of a paradigm shift from historical ground-based methods.

schematic of pipeline verification

* Covered by PCT/US2018/026526, “Reflectometry Devices and Methods for Detecting Pipe Defects”.



At Heuristech we believe that the future of pipe coating defect detection is high frequency with reflectometry.

calculus image

Fig. A: Standard coating defect impedance model

Nyquist Plot graphic

Fig. B: Pipe Holiday EIS

Nyquist Plot graphic

Fig. C. Pipe Delamination EIS



The impedance of a delamination is much smaller when measured with reflectometry and therefore, much easier to detect.

DRM graphic