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Heuristech detects, localizes, characterizes and grades corrosion defects on buried pipelines. We provide an exhaustive analysis of the network state:
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coating condition assessment

holidays & delaminations detection

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corrosion risks assessment

stray currents & interferences

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additional insight

regarding cathodic protection adequacy

Heuristech Key Advantages

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Operational Use

Heuristech technology only requires electrical access to the pipes: it is very well suited for preventive maintenance and the development of monitoring solutions for pipelines. The urban environment, roads or water ways are no issues for DRM efficiency.

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Heuristech technology sensitivity allows to detect very precisely corrosion sites at an early stage and spare costs of excavation and reparation.

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Delamination Detection

Delaminations are the most critical type of coating defects as they hinder cathodic protection efficiency and induce corrosion under isolation (CUI). The only remote detection technology able to detect them is reflectometry.

The Operational Process: A 2 Steps Approach



Data Collection (time/km: about 2h)

  • No need to switch on/off either cathodic protection current flow or product flow.

  • Heuristech tools connect with existing points of access: manholes or cathodic leads.

  • Heuristech will train your technicians to perform DRM measurements and upload data on our platform.


Data Analysis (< 2 weeks)

  • Data is processed by Heuristech algorithm and analysts.

  • We map and characterize coating defects of your network.

  • Including delaminations

  • Indication accuracy ~4m

  • Corrosion speed estimation.

  • Corrosion defects ranking

  • Pipe integrity threats

  • Cathodic protection load